hello [piano starts playing], it's me

God, it's been ages since I've posted anything serious that's more than 140 characters

but this rant isn't serious anyway

I'm quite surprised we're only 12 days into January, why does it feel like it should be March or April? Dunno but I like to think time is passing SO SLOW these days

I came to know a lot of people this last two weeks, like the good kind of people... and boy it feels damn good

I'm still struggling between college and a part time job, my days are 50% college and work, 20% moving around and transportation and if I'm lucky, the rest is me sleeping

Although the very crowded schedule, I learned a lot and got an inside view of the workplace in my field, I played with new Technologies that I was terrified of even reading about them, and I made some healthy" relationships with some cool guys :) Yay!!! xD"

Yesterday, a colleague told me I should go to the gym with him, I tried to find an excuse to not-to-go, but he insisted and I had no choice :")

I lifted weights for the first time, got excited and accelerated too quickly

and now my arms feel like they're crippled :|

I can still use a laptop or a phone, but I can't stretch my arms to reach for things or hold a very heavy object

Thanks, Mr. Colleague... I hate you :) x

I guess I'll skip both work and college tomorrow, I'm not sure I can win the battle of the buses with these dysfunctional arms -_- zzz