Autodesk MAYA 2014 Training

Introduction to PL/SQL, Variables, Executable Statements

UI Enhancements and Error Handling in Winforms

ADO. NET Components and Assemblies

Custom Controls, Crystal Reports and Setup File in Winforms

ADO. NET in Winforms

Basics of Winforms with VB.NET

Events Delegates and Multithreading in VB.NET

Employee Movements

Arrays and OOPS Concepts in VB.NET

Triggers on SQL

VB.NET Programming - Constructs, Functions and Procedures

FLEX - Build Apps Using FLEX

MySQL Training

Stored Procedures in SQL

Indexes and Views

Assignments on SQL Server

DDL, Data Integrity and Indexes

SQL Language and Creating and Managing Database

ER Model and RDBMS Concepts

Certified Analytics Professional Training (CAP)

Oracle PL/SQL Training

Marketing Analytics Overview

Microsoft SQL Server

Logistic Regression Modeling & SAS