After a crippling blockade and the hypocrisy is constant, we find that families who rejected leaving their homes and neighborhoods, despite the bombardment and siege knowing that the bombardment and siege excludes any kind of food and medicine to enter neighborhoods in besieged Homs. Although they are trapped in the neighborhoods, they stay patient which gives them hope, but when carried out, the homes don't have necessary supllies and the intensity of the blockade the residents began planting some seeds to germinate some vegetables that they may incorporate into their diet with the knowledge that the families began eating grass on the sidewalks and between destroyed houses and this as a matter constitutes a major stumbling block with residents trapped, because some of these weeds are toxic and potentially damaging, also there are cases of poisoning that surround them, examples of the loss of medicine and hospitals and physicians with experience and note that many of the parents and especially the children are dying slowly due to malnutrition, and as of today and the city of Homs has reached a difficult humanitarian situation during this siege and all of this comes because of the regimes siege on the neighborhoods and the hypocrisy of the world on the will to liberate Homs and lift the blockade and eliminate the shabeeha and aggressors from the territory and stop the constant bombardment with mortars, tanks and heavy weapons on this city, which resulted in the destroyment and demolishing of archaeological buildings, also continued on neighborhoods and mosques , churches and the historical market in Homs. In these days it has become broad danger if the citizens are not rescued and bailed out and the siege isn't dismantled and nutrients, nutrition, food and medical supplies are not provided to these neighborhoods.

Homs, three years of the Syrian Revolution and its entry into it's fourth year and we are still holding out strongly and the will of the powerful, we created the impossible to cultivate with our hands in order to eat.

We eat what we grow and are facing the regime and all their methods of murder that are used against the Syrian people, including starvation and deprivation.

We sow seeds and use ground water wells in order to eat the bounties of our home, which the regime has destroyed.